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Mississaugas of the New Credit First Nation
Host First Nation TORONTO 2015 Pan Am/Parapan Am Games
Pan Am Games Secretariat


CHIEF1The Mississaugas Of The New Credit First Nation is proud to be the host first nation of the Toronto2015 Pan Am/Parapan Am games.

As chief of the Mississaugas I welcome you to our traditional lands for sport, and an opportunity to forge closer relationships among all 41 countries.

The Mississaugas Of The New Credit First Nation has a theme for these games… ”Embrace the Spirit”. Embrace the spirit of healthy competition, and embrace the spirit of kinship with each other and our ties to the earth.

The arrival of the torch today to our shores is very symbolic. Its light shines on the opportunity to share our unique culture and traditions with the world. In return, we also have the opportunity to learn of other cultures. While some may think this is a starting point, I believe we are already on that path.

How small this world really is and how closely tied our nations really are, was impressed on me a few days ago.

Many nations gathered at the Pyramid of the Sun in Mexico, to light the Pan Am games torch and start it’s 20,000 kilometer relay .

The sights and sounds of the ceremony connected with me, and literally gave me chills. While separated by thousands of miles, there were many similarities in traditions, music and dance between the Mexican and First Nation people’s. Let’s build on this.

The Pan Am games are also an opportunity to build stronger ties with Canada.

First Nation’s culture of protecting the earth, often conflicts with others’ desire for progress at the expense of the earth. However, if meaningful relationships are built, it’s easier to move forward on important issues to both the government and First Nations peoples. Premier Kathleen Wynne and Indian Affairs Minister David Zimmer have already gone a long way in nurturing this ideal in this country.

We believe everything is a gift of the creator, and we give thanks. And we welcome you.


Here is what’s happening …

Parapan Am Closing Ceremony


The Mississaugas of the New Credit were proud to be in attendance to support their band members as they performed during the Parapan Am Games Opening Ceremony. The Parapan Am Games will welcome over 1,600 athletes from 28 countries during a week of an exciting display of athleticism and commitment of our Parapan athletes.  Read more

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The Mississaugas of the New Credit First Nation hosted various first nations representatives and partners during the Pan Am Opening Ceremony. Mississauga Nations Chiefs and political representatives, along with the Regional and National Chiefs, were in attendance and celebrated the strong aboriginal cultural influence showcased within the performance. Read more


The Mississaugas of the New Credit First Nation look to our Anishinabe roots to guide our vision for the future as a strong, caring, connected community who respects the earth’s gifts and protects the environment for future generations. Please enjoy this introduction to our history, culture, beliefs and traditions.